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About Us

We are 2 professionals homeopaths committed to encouraging the choices of homeopathy as a healthy option.

Dr. Suresh Ramani MD (Homoeopathy)

  • He is practicing in Surat (Gujarat) INDIA since 1996.
  • He is a famous homeopathic physician of the modern era.
  • He is a hardcore researcher and promoter of homeopathy and strongly believes in natural treatment of infertility with the help of homeopathy along with yoga, pranayam, and change of diet.
  • This unique integrated approach brings success in case of infertility even standing with more than 10 to 15 years and patients get a child.
  • We are serving in the field of homeopathy to help a childless couple with experience of 22 years.
  • We have made our natural homeopathic treatment for infertility, popular among the public.
  • Our goal is to provide modern homeopathic treatment in the field of infertility to the maximum infertile couple at reasonable changes without any side effects against costly IVF treatments with side effects of hormonal injections.

Our mission

To relieve the suffering of patients who come to us in the reasonable possible time. Apart from being skilled homeopath, we also holds great interest and liking for yoga, pranayam, and nature therapy.