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Can homeopathy cure infertility?

  • Yes, Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic fertility program can cure infertility by improving couple’s collective fertility.
  • It is important to understand that we use a multilevel approach to treat the infertility, which involves not only the use of homeopathic remedies but also making recommendation on fertility nutrition, fertility charting, natural health techniques and important life style changes along with instruction of yoga & pranayam according to patients problem with dietary changes.
  • That will increase fertility in both male and female partners.

Which homeopathic remedy is used to cure infertility?

There is not used single homeopathic remedy during treatment but many homeopathic remedies used according to case and requirement, step by step dr. ramani’s homeopathic fertility program improve fertility because it gets to the root cause of infertility and stimulates the body’s own abilities to heal itself. With the correct homeopathic protocol a couple will increase their chances of conception.

Why is Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic fertility program is effective in treating infertility?

  • Our fertility program is very effective in reversing infertility because it address the person not the disease.
  • Inside the body the hormonal events for progress of conceiving are imbalance due to many factors most likely related to high level of toxicity within the body and high level of stress.
  • It leads to unexplained infertility and other fertility issues.
  • Our treatment plan is based according to couple’s individual researched case study, not based on readymade pharma company’s commercial pills.

What is a protocol in Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic fertility program?

Under this program we give the constitutional homeopathic remedy to each individual male and female patner after research case study accordingly. Some homeopathic remedies individually to woman and that should be taken at specific days during the menstrual cycle. Also for male patners different remedies individually may be recommended on certain time of the day. Diet, exercise, yoga, pranayam according to problem and individual study.

Does Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic fertility program address associated conditions?

Yes, our fertility program can effectively address condition related to infertility like.

  • PCOD, endometriosis, weak uterus, fibroids, ovarian cyst, blocked or scarred fallopian tubes, dermoid cyst, chocolate cyst.
  • Hormonal imbalance, defective ovulation, short luteal phase, low progesterone and estrogen dominance, low AMH, premature ovarian failure.
  • Metabolic imbalances like insulin resistance hypothyroidism, high cortisol hormones.
  • Azoospermia, sertil-cell only syndrome obstruction in male genital tract, oligo-asthenospermia, poor sperm morphology, defective acrosomal reaction, defective CS 1 ( cleavage signal-1 ) protein in sperm.
  • History of recurrent miscarriage, preterm birth & still birth, thin endometrium of uterus.
  • Defective uterine protein & scars in uterus.
  • Biologically defective sperm and ovum due to chromosomal mal-arrangement.

I have un-explained infertility, can dr. ramani’s homeopathic infertility program help me?

Yes, most of unexplained infertility cases respond very well to our fertility program.

  • In fact, homeopathic medicine is one of the first type of therapies recommended in this case because it address both the mental and physical aspects.
  • We consider every patient is different from one another.
  • Genetic makeup, vitality, mind, temperament, emotions, personality varies person to person.
  • We consider all the things during treatment to find out appropriate constitutional treatment which improve the fertility and increase the chances of conception.
  • Unexplained infertility can be related to many factors that can ranges from emotional and mental stress to physical causes like long term used of ovulatory suppressive medication like contraceptive pills, inherited weakness, overused of allopathic steroid antibiotics, use of antidepressants, your age, nutritional deficiencies, allergic constitution, poor liver function, poor bowel function environmental and internal toxicity.
  • Our fertility program is very helpful in above mentioned condition.

Can Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic infertility program prevent miscarriage?

  • Yes, our treatment plan can addresses the causes of miscarriages related to hormonal imbalance, thin uterine lining, and constitutional tendency to miscarriages, pelvic inflammation and poor timing of conception all aimed specifically to prevent miscarriages.
  • Losing a pregnancy early after conception is common and it is most often due to genetic or chromosomal abnormalities which is mostly undetectable but can be treated successfully with appropriate homeopathic treatment.
  • Women who miscarry often or later during the pregnancy may have problems with the embryo’s environment in the uterus endometriosis, fibroids and toxicity also the biological quality of the egg and sperm can influence the health of embryos.
  • Our homeopathic protocol can address inherited weakness that affect the egg and sperm health, hormonal imbalances, hormonal problems – pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, fibroids and toxicity.

Can Dr. Ramani’s Homeopathic fertility program work on women over 40 year age?

  • Our homeopathic fertility program can help increase women’s general health and reproductive health and fertility at any age.
  • When a women is over 40 years age and trying to conceive, the problem mostly at ovulation level. Some women ovulate well until menopause and some women have ovulatory cycle before the menopause with some irregular ovulation.
  • This condition mostly associated with low AMH level but fortunately our homeopathic fertility program helps to improve ovulation and increase the chances of conception.
  • Women in this category will have difficulty getting pregnant naturally and may not produce good eggs even after application of allopathic HSG injection in IVF cycles.
  • Our homeopathic fertility program also can offer to these cases which are going for IVF cycle.
  • Some women will resume ovulation solve their hormonal problems and conceive naturally with the help of our homeopathic fertility program. Others will be helped to produce healthy egg for IVF.
  • Not all women over 40 year age will conceive with the help of our homeopathic program but they will all benefit to improve hormonal health to do future successful IVF cycle.

I have poor ovarian response can dr. ramani’s homeopathic fertility program help me?

Yes, our homeopathic infertility program is very effective in stimulating the ovary to ovulate healthy egg, even after repeatedly failed IVF cycles. It is especially helpful in young women age below 40 years. In this kind of cases, more time will be required to give the body a chance to reestablish natural balance. Remember, it takes 120 days for the body to release healthy eggs.

I have a high-stress job can Dr. Ramani’s Homeopathic fertility program help me?

  • Many scientific studies have shown how stress is extremely damaging to fertility. Women who try to conceive under stress have lower chances of getting pregnant.
  • During high stress level, the body produces certain hormones that can delay or even suppress ovulation and prevent pregnancy.
  • Our homeopathic treatment protocol assist your body to you cope with physical and emotional stress.
  • This homeopathic fertility program also incorporated relaxation techniques aimed to help release stress and tension in order to conceive early.

Why it is necessary to know about Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic fertility treatment?

  • Every couple who want baby as early as possible has right to know about the goodness of homeopathic fertility protocol & treatments.
  • Let them decide their own choice of treatment and we must accept it happily.
  • Patients independent in decision making must be our top priority and they must take considered opinion of a senior homeopathic infertility consultant.

Can you guarantee that I will get pregnant with this Dr. Ramani’s Homeopathic infertility program?

  • Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that women will get pregnant with this treatment protocol or any other kind of therapy including IVF cycles.
  • All treatment protocols including IVF are trials.
  • However, our homeopathic research shows how couples who follow our treatment programs greatly increase their chances of conception.
  • You will definitely improve your overall health, emotional well being & your fertility this is assurance.

Is there any research that supports the effectiveness of homeopathy treating infertility?

  • The homeopathic journals are full of case studies of homeopathy to increase fertility and achieve healthy pregnencies.
  • Homeopathy solves male and female reproductive system like low sperm count, PCOD, endometriosis etc.
  • The homeopathic fertility program was originally developed by Australian homeoapth Liz Lalor in 1998. Her fertility program has been published in various homeopathic journals.
  • Her initial studies show over 80 % rate of success using homeopathic remedies.
  • After that, we designed new morden homeopathic fertility program including with diet changes & yoga & pranayam.
  • Unfortunately most infertile couple don’t know about this kind of treatment so they seeks IVF treatments at early age.

Can I use this Dr. Ramani’s homeopathic infertility program during IVF cycle?

  • Yes, couple can use this treatment protocol 6 month before the IVF cycle and after using various remedies at different stages to make it success.
  • This homeopathic treatment plan address issue related to pain, ovulation, discomfort of the fertility procedures, prevent infection, assist implantation and speed up healing.
  • Talk to your IVF specialist about this program.

Why my doctor does not know about this?

  • If your doctor is also homeopath then he will most likely be aware of homeopathy.
  • Many infertility specialists are aware of important of natural health or hormonal balance to increase fertility but not all them know about homeopathic remedy.
  • They advice couple to implement healthy lifestyle changes, take prenatal vitamins follow healthy eating habits and offer holistic approach.
  • Unfortunately allopathic infertility specialist focus on infertility as a condition or disease to be solved with commercial patent medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical company and surgical procedures.
  • They are not trained in nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine or other holistic modalities.
  • IVF bypass the problem and does not treat the imbalance that created the problems in the other organs.
  • After IVF cycles women suffers early menopause or premature ovarian failure with low AMH and report many undesirable side effects because the treatment is not addressed her initial imbalance but further cause more imbalance.
  • Also many of drugs used during IVF may not be tested in pregnant women and classified at experimental.
  • If doctors may aware of natural health therapies like homeopathy can treat infertility however they don’t tell to patient because of fear of losing them.