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Ovarian Failure

Resistant ovary syndrom

  • Premature ovarian failure occures in 1 % of woman and it is defined as the cessation of ovarian function under the age of 40 years.
  • There is nearly 400 ¬†ovulation during reproductive life of female.
  • At time of menopause there are approximately 1000 follicles left in the ovary.
  • Ovarian failure may caused by viral oophoritis or any auto immune disease.
  • In ovarian failure ther is findings are – high FSH with high LH and low estradiol.
  • Female faces Amenorrhoea and she has Small ovaries.
  • 30% cases of ovarian failure is associated with thyroid dysfunction.
  • There is many homoeopathic remedies that can stimulate the ovary and leads to healthy ovulation which is necessary for conceiving.