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Uterine Factor

Uterine abnormalities can make it difficult to conceive or carry a pregnancy to full term.

Mullerian duct anomaly

  • It is congenital disorder.
  • It occurs during fetal development & is present at birth.
  • Agenesis  &  hypoplasia = it is absent or underdeveloped uterus.
  • Unicornuate uterus – it is most common anomaly with banana shaped half uterus is formed.
  • Septale uterus or bicornuate uterus – in this defect uterus is divided by a wall or septum.
  • All these anomalies can be ruled out by usg/hsg so always investigate for pelvic usg of female before start of treatment.


Other uterine factors

  • Polyp
  • Fibroid – more than 3 cm affect fertility so it requires treatment.
  • Intramural or submucosal fibroid interferes more than subserosal fibroid.
  • Many women with fibroid can conceive with /without treatment but there is higher risk of miscarraige and pre-term delivery.
  • Adhesions or  scar tissue within uterus such as that caused by asherman’s syndrome.(  myometrium + endometrium sticks together with scar formation ).
  • Mostly after repeated d & c process or repeated abortions.
  • Scar tissue & adhesions creates problems in conceiving.but homoeopathic remedies like –    sil, thuja, cal.flour, lapis alb, thiosinaminam,  acetic acid are useful to dissolve scar tissue of asherman’s syndrome.


Dysfunction of uterus

  • There is specific protein than helps embryos stick to uterus.
  • Syncytin-1 protein secrets from the polar trophoblast cells of embryos which accepted by uterus than embryo sticks in uterus.
  • Secretion of some intrinsic protein from uterus with qualitative & quantitative with perfect timing is necessary for successful full term pregnancy.
  • Functionally weak uterus leads to frequent miscarriage.
  • Homeopathic remedies- caullophyllum,vib op, cimicifuga, helonias, saraca indica, fraxinas americana, pulsatila, sepia and sabina are very useful for functionally weak uterus.